Candida Overgrowth & Die-Off


I successfully naturally cured myself from Candida Overgrowth, but it was not easy. Not only did I embark on a 40 Day Diet/ Cleanse and a 10 Day Juice Only Fast, which had me missing out all a lot of my comfort and snack foods, and much more, but I also had to deal with Die-off.

Die-off means exactly how it sounds. It is when the candida parasites and being “killed” by diet, probiotics and anti-fungals and as they “die-off”, they leave behind toxic waste, that our bodies do not like.

When I started my Candida Cleanse, I read that you need to take both Anti-fungals and Probiotics in order to rid your body of the access candida overgrowth parasites. I was so tired of being sick and tired, I decided that the MORE anti-fungals and probiotics that I took, it would speed up the “killing parasites” process and I would get better faster.

While in theory this can be correct, it is also a key to suffering from major die-off symptoms.


Die-Off Symptoms

When you “kill” the candida parasite, they give off many toxins. There are numerous symptoms that you can experience because of the toxins in your body, but here are a few:

Some symptoms you may encounter are:








feeling tired

vaginal infections

prostate infections



bad taste in your mouth



stomach pains

muscle pains

swollen glands

feeling lethargic


sinus infections

and more…


There are many more symptoms, but every symptom will vary from person to person. Just be aware that if you have started your Candida Cleanse and if you experience more discomfort than you were already experiencing before starting your cleanse, you may be experiencing die-off.


My Die-Off Experience

I suffered with some extreme die-off including swollen glands, “flu likes” symptoms, constipation, eye infection, swollen eyes, sore lips and more. But the most devastating symptom of all was that I was covered from head to legs with a very itchy rash and tiny itchy bumps. Here is some of the damage.

I couldn’t sleep because I was so itchy. I couldn’t function in the day because I was so itchy.  I couldn’t work, take care of my children or hang out with friends. I was so tormented, I couldn’t even eat! My whole life was put on hold because I was so itchy. Nothing seemed appealing to me, except curling up in my bed, wrapping up in my sheets and trying to sleep the irritation away.

I thought the itchiness was going to drive me crazy! In some cases, I do think I went a little mad…but thank God that’s all over now!


How To Minimize Die-Off Symptoms

I wish I had known about Die-Off Symptoms before I decided to go “overboard” trying to kill candida parasites! But thankfully because I have been through it I can give you some advice on how to reduce the amount of die-off symptoms you experience.

The best way for you to minimize the amount of die-off symptoms you experience is to use a small amount of anti-fungals and probiotics a day.

For example, I started out by taking 3 probiotics and 3 anti-fungals a day. That was Way too much for my body to handle and most Canddia Overgrowth Sufferers for that matter.

The better way for me to have added anti-fungals and probiotics into my diet was one at a time.

For example, I should have taken 1 antifungal and 1 probiotic for a few days. I sould have waited a few days and then take notice of how my body was reacting. If I noticed that my body was fine and there was little to no die-off symptoms, then I should have added either 1 more anti-fungal or 1 more probiotic.

I would continue to add 1 and watch until I was up to the amount of anti-fungals and probiotics that I would liekto take per day.

If your gradually increase your anti-fungals and probiotic intake, you will drastically reduce the amount of die-off symptoms that you experience, if you experience any at all!


How To Manage Your Die-Off Symptoms

  1. Detox Bath

The motive of a detox bath is to gently draw some of the toxins out of your skin, through sweating and through natural substances that are made to do this, like Sea Salt and Bentonite Clay.

I highly enjoyed taking my Detox Baths. I share my experience with you here:


2) Drink Lots Of Water:

Water will help you to flush toxins out of your body. You will use the bathroom more often and this assists with getting as many toxins out of your body as possible. It is very important for you to have a bowl movement everyday.

3) Rest

This is not the time to go to the gym and work out. The added toxins that are in your body, will start circulating throughout your body much more quickly while you are working out. They will also start coming out of your pores which may irritates your skin.

During your cleanse you should take every opportunity to rest as you can. Rest will help your body to use it’s energy to help you fight the candida overgrowth. Our bodies are great with curing itself, but it need your help. One of the best things you can do is rest.

4) Stop taking anti-fungals and probiotics for a bit

If you did what I did and are taking too many anti-fungals or probiotics (or both) you may need to reduce the amount or to stop taking them for a few days. This will help to give you a break from the symptoms. These added symptoms cause stress on the body, which is actually counter productive. So if you need to take a few days off of these pills to sooth and calm your body, do so. You will reap the benefits in the long run.

5) Last Resort** Take a Benedryl or Pain Killer

This is absolutely the last resort! If you are so irritated by itching or from pain, you may need to take an over the counter medication. During a detox you are trying to get these kinds of substances out of your body, so you do not want to add them into your body if you do not have to.

However, if you are not sleeping or eating because the pain and discomfort is too severe (like mine was) this is also doing the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish with our detox.

You see when your body is under an extreme amount of stress from candida overgrowth and then die-off symptoms, your body with go into survival mode. It will start to release chemicals (including sugar, which feeds the candida parasite) and it will store fat (because you are not eating). There are so many other things that can go wrong such as hair loss, immune disorders, skin breakouts and more, all because of added stress on your body.

To avoid all of these extra symptoms associated with stress, sometime you may need a Benedryl to calm the itching, so you can eat or get a good nights rest, this will aid in your body repairing itself.

With that said, please limit this to the absolute minimum. If you have discomfort or pain, but you can manage without taking medication, please do that. It will help you to speed up the detox and healing process.


Looking Back I am Happy For Die-Off

I know that as you read about Die-Off and the various symptoms, you may be thinking, “Is it worth it?” or  “I have been coping with the Candida Symptoms for so long, I think I can cope with them and not have anymore symptoms. I Especially don’t want to feel any worse!

Trust me, looking back on what I went through, I would have thought the same thing and I might have even been hesitant going through with my 40 Day Diet/ Cleanse, but you know what? I am 100% Candida Overgrowth Free!

Looking back, I can also see how unhealthy I was. How miserable I was. I was suffering. I was not enjoying my life. Some days I didn’t even want to live!

Looking back on an unhealthy me, I know that I needed to get healthy. No matter what the cost!

You know what “they” say, “Sometimes it hurts to heal”. How appropriate that saying is.

You are sick with Candida Overgrowth and you may even experience more symptoms, while you are healing your body and going through die-off, but I can tell you the honest truth:

It Feels Great To Be Healthy!

I would do it all over again, to feel the way that I feel now!

I am happy. I am excited about life. I have so much energy. I am confident. I am FREE!!

When I was sick I felt trapped in my own skin and I hated it there! But now that I am healthy, I love me.

Die-off is no walk in the park, but because I have told you about it, now you can expect it and now you can be ready! Mentally you will be prepared and this will help you to get through the hard times. But it is worth it!

The best thing about Die-Off is knowing that you are actually killing canddia parasites and you on one step closer to being Candida Overgrowth Free.

So looking back, I am happy I went through die-off.


I hope this advice had helped you out. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment below. I will be happy to get back to you and help you get Candida Overgrowth Free!