Candida Cleanse | Why Use A Probiotic?


I have naturally cured myself from Candida Overgrowth by changing my diet, using an anti-fungal and by taking a probiotic. I discuss more about how I Naturally Cured Myself after a 40 Day cleanse/diet followed by a 10 Day Juice Only fast in past blog posts!

It feels amazing to be healthy. I wanted to share why I was taking a probiotic and why you should consider taking one as well. If you are interested in why I was taking and anti fungal, please read here.

What Is A Probiotic?


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Probiotics are live yeast and bacteria that are good for you health. We actually already have probiotics living in our bodies that help to maintain the correct pH balance in our gut and they help to keep it healthy.

However, when we get too many candida organisms in our gut we need help from the probiotics to normalize out pH levels in our gut once again.

The best way to do this is to add a probiotic supplement into our diets.

Probiotics & Candida Overgrowth


When you are suffering with candida overgrowth you have too many candida organisms “bad bacteria” in your gut and in your digestive track causing the pH levels to be thrown out of balance.

We can help to stabilize this imbalance by adding a probiotic into our diet, causing there to be more “good” bacteria and yeast, then the “bad” ones.

With more good bacteria (from the extra probiotics) and stabilizing the pH levels in our body, our body can help to fight the candida overgrowth and to help to make us healthy again.

How Probiotics Can Help To Cure You Of Candida Overgrowth

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Probiotics work in 3 different ways and they all aid in healing your body of candida overgrowth.

1) Probiotics “Crowd Out” The Candida Organisms

The main way that probiotics work is they they “crowd out” the candida organisms. By adding more “good” bacteria into the gut can actually start to balance out the pH in the gut.

This is needed to help your body to naturally heal itself and help to aid in the restoration of a healthy gut and a healthy body.

2) Probiotics Suffocate and Kill Candida Overgrowth Organisms

Along with crowding out the Candida organisms, probiotics can actually suffocate and kill candida organisms.

This is good to know because as the candida organisms start to die you can experience “Die-Off” symptoms, which tend to be bothersome and annoying.

3) Candida Helps To Stabilize The pH In The Gut

When you take probiotics remember they are alive and things that are alive eat secrete. When the probiotics secret their secretions contain a small amount of acetic acid and lactic acid. This is great for balancing the pH levels in your gut.

If your gut is too alkaline then the candida organisms can thrive and multiply more easily. When you make it into a more acidic pH it actually hinders them from thriving. So probiotics will help aid in this process.

Not: Please keep in mind that you cannot eat foods that are going to throw off your natural pH and then try to take probiotics. Diet that is supplemented with a probiotic is what will really help to kill and hinder the candida organisms.

Will I Always Need To Take Probiotics?

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Probiotics are a great supplement to take for your overall healthy, so it is a good idea to take them regularly. But you will not always need to take a probiotic if you do not want to.

Once I got my Candida Overgrowth under control, I took them for a few weeks after, but I eventually weaned myself off of them and I have been fine.

If you have naturally cured your candida overgrowth and you want to stop taking your probiotic, cut it out of your diet, but watch your symptoms.

If you find that you have cut the probiotics out and you are still candida overgrowth symptom free, then you can stop taking them if you’d like.

However, if you stop taking your probiotic and you start to notice some of your Candida Symptoms returning, you should immediately add your probiotics back into your diet and then continue to heal and rid your body of candida overgrowth for good.

I really hope this has helped to answer some of your probiotics in respect to candida overgrowth. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I will be happy to help you out.