I knew something was up when I had a lot of annoying and irritating symptoms, but I figured out it must be really bad because the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me and they couldn’t help me.

I decided to compile a list of my symptoms and try to find out what could be the cause of these symptoms. I mean that’s what the doctors where doing, but they were “Misdiagnosing” me. I figured, let me give it a whirl and go to the doctors with my findings.

As I started writing out my list, I noticed it was very extensive. Here is the list of the symptoms I was suffering with:

Anal itching
Vaginal itching
My skin was always itchy
My eczema was always inflamed and burning (with open sores)
I was always tired (even when I got sleep)
I had no libido (sex drive)
I was depressed ( Nothing was ever good enough and nothing made me happy. I just felp hopeless and I felt like no one understood me)
I had strong cravings for alcohol, sugar and carbs
I had moods swings
I was always in some sort of pain
I was constipated
I was irritable
I had a hyperactive thyroid (but upon my 1 year follow up, my doctor told me it was stable)
I was suffering hair loss
I got bladder infections
I got ear infections

…and My bones felt “brittle”

I am sure over the past 6 months there were many other “random” symptoms, that I didn’t really pay attention to, but these were the main and persistent symptoms I had to deal with regularly.

Now that I know, I am going to do something about it!