From the time I discovered I have candida overgrowth, I decided I am going to naturally cure myself. I didn’t know how I was going to accomplish this, exactly, but after hours of research, I put together a “loose” detox/cleanse plan. I say loose, because it was getting rather pricy.

I am going to use the loose, first and more cost effective, plan. If it works great! If I am not better at the end of 40 days, I will spend the extra money and use my plan B plan.

With that said, I am going to naturally heal myself by killing the yeast in my gut!


I am going to go on a 40 day Candida Diet/ Cleanse!

This is going to be accomplished by starving the yeast of the foods it needs to thrive and grow (such as yeast, sugar, carbs, refined food, and more)

Along with starving the yeast, I need to “systematically” kill the the yeast by ingesting anti-fungals and probiotics.

The anti-fungals are going to kill the yeast as well as stops the yeast from getting food it needs to survive and grow/multiply.

The probiotics are going to add more friendly bacteria into my gut and by doing this we care gong to crowd out and suffocate the yeast, until there is more good than bad bacteria. Hopefully, by doing this we  can restore the normal balance in the gut.

Last but not least, I need to build up my immune system by taking natural supplements that are going to give my body the nutrients and minerals it needs to fight back.

I will also be cutting potentially harmful foods out of my diet. This list consists of foods that I know I am allergic to as well as food that I may be allergic to. I will be cutting these foods out because they may cause my body to work harder to tolerate and to breakdown them down. My body is going to need this extra energy to fight the candida overgrowth.

The results I am looking for by the end of 30 days:
Skin Smoother and Clearer
No more open sores on hands (or any where else on body)
Not constipated
I want my sex drive back
Not tired (I want energy)
I want my hair to grow back in the thinning areas
I want to be the optimistic Jass I know and not feel down and depressed all the time
I no longer want strong cravings to unhealthy food

I no longer want random physical pains or infections.

I will be keeping you all updated on a daily basis to keep each other updated, encouraged and supported.

Let’s do this!